Monday, 4 March 2013

Health Benefits of Organic Food

Organic food is termed as certified food, which is produced in accordance with some production standards. It is grown in organic farms and vigorously monitored by the officials of a certification body, during the production. Unlike natural food, organic food stuffs are generally grown without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They are often labeled to differentiate them from the natural ones, because both are similar in terms of color, size and shape. Organic food not only involves fruits, vegetables and grains, but also the products derived from livestock.

Organic foods are more nutritious than conventionally grown foods. The health benefits of organic food are more perceived than real. Organic food is not prepared using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and does not affect the human body. It is overall best for health. Moreover, it tastes better than non organic food. 

  As harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimum soil, air and water pollution; thus ensuring a safe world for future generations to live in. Organic products maintain ecological balance. Animal welfare is also an important factor for producing organic milk and organic poultry.  Whereas Organic milk is healthier than non organic milk as organic cows are grazed which results in better quality of milk. Organic food stays longer, without decaying, than the natural food.